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Panty Drop


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The best fit

For your curves

Magical Plus-size fit

We care about fit. When designing our underwear, we didn’t just stretch out a size small. We adjusted each size individually to hug your curves and give you the coverage you need.


"Lip Slip"

Tired of trying to fit all your bits in a tiny strip of fabric? We designed our underwear with wider gussets (the fancy technical term for the crotch!) so you're never half-in, half-out

Say Goodbye

To chafing

Our underwear is made to wick away sweat. Our Perfect Mesh Panty has a full cotton-lined front panel or choose our 95% cotton styles for ultimate comfort.

With Panty Drop, you'll get full tummy coverage to minimize skin-on-skin contact between your belly and thighs.

No compromises

Sexy and comfy

You don't have to choose between the two. Wear our Perfect Mesh Panty comfortably from your workday to your date night.

Like all of our collections, the Perfect Mesh Panty comes in sizes up to 8X!

Panty Dropper

Love Stories

My new Panty drop undies are the BEST!!...I get the full coverage I like, and they dont bite into me at all....very soft too.....the color combo’s ...fantastic!!....will definitely be purchasing more!

Janice M.

These panties are great. They’re a mid-rise and hit me just below my belly button so they’re perfect on me. I don’t worry about them showing over the top of pants but they aren’t so low that I feel like my stomach is hanging out or that I constantly have to pull them up.

Erin H.

These are the nicest everyday panties I've tried. They are comfy and soft, and the fit is great. I don't have a slim figure by any means, and often panties in my size range are clunky looking and old-ladyish, but these manage to look good and feel good at the same time.

Janet W.

I am in love with these panties! Being a plus-sized woman (18-24), I've never worn panties that fit like these. They are perfect through the hips, rear, and gusset. I can't wait to purchase several more pair.

Sarah H.