How can I make sure I only get underwear that I'll like?

When you submit our order form, you'll be asked a series of profile questions. You'll be able to tell us what materials you like, what styles (i.e. thongs, bikinis, boyshorts) you like, as well as whether you like basics or something more flirty. We'll use these preferences to put together your box. So if you only like basic cotton bikinis, that's what you'll get. However, if you'd like more of a variety, we can do that too!

What if I only want one specific brand? 

Panty Drop boxes typically include a variety of brands. However, if you have special requests, please just email us at and we'll let you know if we're able to accommodate your preferences.

What if I don't like a pair that you send me, or what if it doesn't fit?

Panty Drop comes with free shipping and free returns - all the time. If you don't like a pair of underwear that we send, or if it doesn't fit well, just submit a return request and we'll email you a shipping label to send it back. We'll either replace the pair with a different one, or issue a refund.

What if I want a different quantity?

Panty Drop boxes come with 3 pairs and are sent every 3 months. However, we can accommodate requests for more or fewer pairs in each box. Just contact us to get started.

What if I want to receive my box more or less frequently?

Panty Drop boxes are shipped every 3 months, however if you'd like to receive your box at a different interval, we can accommodate your request in most cases. Please contact us to get started.

How can I update my style profile preferences?

You can update your style profile preferences at any time. Simply visit our Manage Subscription page and log into your account.

What if I need to cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your Panty Drop subscription at any time. Simply visit our Manage Subscription page, visit the section for "My Subscriptions" and follow the instructions for cancellation. We maintain a hassle-free cancellation policy.

What if I want to upgrade or downgrade my subscription?

You can switch between Panty Drop subscription plans at any time. To adjust your plan, simply visit our Manage Subscription page, log into your account, and visit the "My Subscriptions" section. From this page, you can change your plan.