Our Mission

Inspiring women from the bottoms up

Our mission is to inspire women to be the best they can be. It all starts with great underwear. Through our 1-1-1 program, every Panty Drop box we ship helps close the gender leadership gap.

Our 1-1-1 Program

We believe confidence is built when you combine new experiences with supportive environments. We've teamed with Pledge 1% and our nonprofit partners to help underrepresented women find the skills, confidence, and opportunities they need to succeed.

We Give

1% of product

1% of the underwear we ship goes to organizations in need

1% of Time

All Panty Drop employees spend 1% of their time volunteering

1% of Profit

We’re committed to donating 1% of our profits to our giving partners

Why it matters

You can’t be what you can’t see:

5 of 6 Business Executives Are Men.

The biggest reason women don't hold more political offices is because they don't run for them.

1 in 4 Girls Do Not Finish High School.

3 in 10 Teen American Girls Will Get Pregnant at Least Once Before Age 20.

Join Us

Check out a Panty Drop subscription so you can make a difference, one panty at a time.
We'd love to hear from you about working together, in-kind donations, or anything else, really.