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About Us

We promise you one thing: You’ll fit in here.

Growing up, I never felt that I fit in.

My boobs were too small for Victoria Secret.
I had a femine side and masculine interests
I hung out with everyone but didn’t have a tribe.

We're all growing, changing and becoming who we are. Along the way many of us try new things and some find their fit, most don’t.  Something feels off and it’s in these cracks where we are given the opportunity to define ourselves and embrace our beauty.   

I created Panty Drop with the lofty goal that every single person would fit in. A place that truly embraced the endless ranges of size and style that there are on this earth.

We believe there are 6 billion versions of beauty...and we’re not here to convince you of this.

You are beautiful already, we’re here to help you recognize that.  We love your curves, your hair, your stretch marks, your bumps and lumps. We embrace the ranges of sexuality, pleasure, comfort and functionality that you need in underwear to live your life as you continue to roll through the cracks of imperfection..of beauty.

XX Julie
Founder of Panty Drop