Feel Sexy Everyday

Subscription Underwear Boxes for Women

A great pair of underwear can brighten your day - just knowing that you've got something lovely on underneath can bring an extra spring to your step. However, it's an often forgotten part of our wardrobe...stashed in the back of the drawer, the main driver for when you do laundry, the pieces you may hang on to for just a little too long after they're past their prime. We started Panty Drop so you never need to think about your underwear drawer and wrinkle your nose. Panty Drop delivers a subscription underwear box to your door every 3 months with brands you know and love.

Panty Drop is based in Truckee, CA. Drop panties, not bombs.

The Team

Julie Arsenault

Julie started Panty Drop when she realized she was much too busy at work to shop for basics like underwear. She quickly realized that other women faced the same challenge. Prior to Panty Drop, Julie worked for Accenture as a management consultant and several technology startups focusing on marketing, product management, and business operations. An avid skier, mountain biker, and outdoors enthusiast, she wanted to start a business in the Lake Tahoe community.