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Our goal at Panty Drop is to make the most comfortable size-inclusive panties in the world. Along with soft fabrics and innovative designs, color can have a huge impact on how we feel - from boosting our mood to making us feel empowered and sexy. That’s why we need your input!

Help us pick the next collection of Perfect Panty colors that will make you feel confident and fierce. We’ll even select one lucky winner to receive a free set of the new collection. So help us choose the new colors for comfort from the bottoms up!

The Ice Cream Collection

Green Tea

This beautiful green color that will make you feel cozy and zen.

Cherry Kiss

A tangy and sour flavor that makes us pucker our lips. Sour power.

Plum Sorbet

A delicious plum color mixed with dark berries. Plum power!

Choco Mint

A cool mint color that will keep you on your toes. Refreshingly minty.

The Sunkissed Collection

Coral Blush

A punchy coral that will remind you of your favorite blush.

Warm Sand

Giving you temporary sandy beach bum vibes!

Clear water

Deep and relaxing like the waters in Hawaii. 

Sunburnt Rose

The rosy glow you get after being in the sun. 

Power Moves Collection

Feisty Red

You won’t back down on your beliefs, especially with this fiery red!

Bright Yellow

Smart and sassy, this yellow brings you the energy you need!

Leaving a Splash

Everywhere you go, you leave with a splash. People remember you!

Ink the deal

You know nothing is closed until you ink the deal. Go get it!

2021 Goals

Calm skies

Let 2021 be a year of inner calmness. Onward!

Sunset pink

Here's to being thankful for every sunset.

Sunrise gold

Wake up and own the day. Go team go!

Not black or white

Sometimes things aren’t black or white.

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